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What Makes A Essentials In DIRECTV?

Essentials In Watching DIRECTV HDTV

The popularity of HDTV continues to grow day by the day, as more and more content enters the TV market. DIRECTV is one of the pioneers in the HDTV market and it already has released many products to help viewers maximize the HDTV experience. Here are some of DIRECTV’s most popular products for HDTV enthusiasts.

Satellite Dishes

The Terk TRK-2 satellite dish enables viewers receive the most number of programming and digital broadcasts. With the Terk TRK-2 you get:

- DIRECTV satellite broadcasts angled at 101 degrees and local channels in certain areas.
- the ability to use two DIRECTV receivers at the same time with the use of the dish's dual-output LNB

Each receiver connected to the TRK-S2 enables independent channel-switching, which is ideal for viewing in multiple rooms.

DIRECTV's base programming can also be viewed via TRK-2. In addition, sports, pay-per-view specials, many premium channels and local programming major 40+ markets can be accessed.

Terk FDTV2 Gloss Black Omni Directional Passive Flat Digital HDTV Antenna       Terk Technologies Leapfrog LF-30S Wireless 2.4 GHz A/V Distribution System      Terk TRK-SR2 Roof-mount XM Satellite Radio Antenna      Terk HDMI-31 Smart HDMI Switch (3 X 1)

- DIRECTV dish antenna with a dual-output LNB
- Reflector: 18-3/8"W x 20"H


The DIRECTV is the gear to enjoy high definition broadcasts. With the Terk TRK-S26 you receive:

- Broadcasts from all DIRECTV satellite positions (at 110, 101 and 119 degrees) and HD content and local channels in certain some areas.
- Direct connection of as much as four receivers.

Connecting the TRK-S26 to a independent HDTV-ready DIRECTVPlus tuner will enable you to receive all of the standard and high-definition DIRECTV shows available in your market.

Terk 18"x 20" DIRECTV¿ Satellite Dish Antenna with 3 Dual LNBs


- multi-satellite dish antenna with three LNB’s
- built-in multiswitch allows for connection of up to four DIRECTV tuners
- HDTV programming from the 110-degree satellite can be accessed by the Sat-C LNB.

- HDTV-ready DIRECTVPlus tuner is needed to access HDTV programs
- reflector: 21-1/8"W x 18-1/2"H
- one-year parts & labor warranty



Viewing high definition shows from HDTV is easy with the H20 tuner. This HTDV tuner can be connected to a HD-ready antenna to watch programs from free-to-air or local channels.

DIRECTV's high-definition programming produces crystal-clear, lifelike images and surround sound. You only need to connect the H20 HDTV tuner with your HDTV-compatible TV and audio/video setup.

DirecTV H20-600 High Definition DIRECTV Satellite Television Receiver


» HD-DIRECTV tuner — receives and decodes digital HDTV signals from DIRECTV’s satellite broadcasts and local free-to-air broadcasts with the use of a compatible antenna
» 1 USB interface
» phone jack
» built-in ATSC tuner
» 2 sets audio/video outputs (2 composite, 1 S-video, 1 component video)
» RF/IR multibrand audio/video remote (controls up to four components)
» includes component video, S-video, and RCA audio/video cables
» selectable 480i/480p/720p/1080i output via HDMI and component video
» receives digital TV broadcasts in 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i
» optical digital audio output passes Dolby® Digital audio
» searchable 7-day program guide
» on-screen caller ID
» satellite and antenna inputs
» support MPEG4
» 14-15/16"W x 2-13/16"H x 10-13/16"D
» 90 days warranty


DIRECTV’s HR10-250 will ensure a pleasurable viewing experience especially for those into High-Definition programming. The HR10-250 receives and decodes digital signals from DIRECTV’s high-definition programming. The HR-10-250 also has built in hard drive digital video recorder that enables crystal clear reproduction of shows.


» storage space that can accommodate as much 200 hours of standard-definition digital TV and up to 30 hours of HDTV
» manual timer recording by channel and time
» 1 antenna input and 2 satellite inputs
» 1 set audio/video outputs (composite, S-video, component video, HDMI)
» selectable 480i/480p/720p/1080i output via HDMI and component video
» dual ATSC tuners
» Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down buttons — ratings system from TiVo
» receives digital TV broadcasts in 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i
» optical digital audio outputs pass Dolby® Digital 5.1-channel audio
» phone jack
» remote control (multibrand for TVs and A/V receivers)
» 2 USB interfaces for future use
» HDMI, HDMI-to-DVI, component video, S-video, composite video, and telephone cables
» TiVo 14-day interactive program guide
» WishList™ keyword search of program listings
» Season Pass™ — record whole seasons of TV shows; first-run only, or with reruns
» 15-1/8"W x 3-5/16"H x 13-7/8"D
» 1 year warranty

Directv Hdtv Converter M3-Dx Only      APC SL3 3 LNB WITH 4 OUTPUTS (99,101,103) DIRECTV       New Lot Of 6 Directv Zinwell 3x4 Multiswitch Switch Satellite Dishnetwork SAM3402       SATELLITE FINDER METER FOR DIRECTV        Eagle Aspen DTV3X4 DirecTV-Approved "Min Max" 3-In/4-Out Multiswitch        Directv Sup2400 Broadband Converter        RCA F38310 38" 16:9 HDTV with Built-In DirecTV and HDTV Receivers        Mini 2 Port 1x2 Powered HDMI Splitter V 1.3 Up to 1080p - for HDTV PS3 XBOX Blu-Ray DVD DirecTV        HQ Series Dual Digital RCA Audio Cable 6ft for DVD HDTV DirecTV        HQ Series Single RCA Video Cable 6ft for DVD HDTV DirecTV        SWM8 Single-Wire Multiswitch and DIRECTV Approved Power Supply Kit        DIRECTV F-Connector

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