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Dish Network Satellite Receiver

Dish’s Tasty Menu Of Satellite Receivers

Dish Network Satellite Receiver

Making a decision on what HDTV service provider can be a daunting task. To make it easy, why not go the full route in your HDTV system. A receiver from the Dish Network coupled with it lineup of top notch HD programming will truly help you experience HDTV at its best.

The Dish DVR

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The Dish DVR will provide you with more flexibility in watching HD-shows. Live shows can be recorded replayed and paused in this powerful and ultra-seek DVR. Missing your favorite shows will be a rarity with the use of the Dish DVR.

Control and flexibility is what makes the DVR ideal especially for HDTV enthusiasts. Given its different features, this will be fixture in HDTV setups everywhere.


• Rewind and pause recorded and live shows
• A live show can be recorded while watching a pre-recorded program at the same time
• Record and save favorite shows on digital format, whether it be sporting events to classing movies,
• Dolby® Digital 5.1 surround when available

DVR and HD Receiver for 1 or 2 Televisions:

The Dish ViP622 HDTV satellite receiver is the perfect tool for HD-programming. Pictures look almost three-dimensional, as colors are deep and vividly produced. The ViP622 HDTV satellite receiver is the top-of-the-line satellite receiver of the Dish Network. This product boasts of top-notch picture quality and power. High definition shows can be paused, replayed and recorded in this powerful DVR. The ViP622 features the various functions of a HD and DVR and also a multi-room function.


• Watch and record HD-programs on two TVs independently
- TV1: Record and view HD or normal definition shows
- TV2: Record and view standard definition or down-converted high definition shows
• Watch off-air digital/HD local shows
• Dolby® Digital 5.1 surround sound capable when available
• 480i TV2 display resolution
• Features On-screen Electronic Program Guide (EPG) with accessible menu for program listings and data for as long as 9 days
• Records as long as 200 hours of standard definition programming and as much as 30 hours of high definition shows
• Four resolutions for TV1 display: 720p, 1080i,480i, 480p

• Easy to access and read On-Screen Caller ID with history
• DISH home Interactive TV with direct access to weather, breaking news, sports, games
• Customer service can be called with the push of a button
• Dual satellite tuners enable you to choose from two viewing options
o Single Mode: Picture-In-Picture (PIP), which can be seen in any TV
o Dual Mode: View different shows on 2 televisions

DVR Standard Receiver for 2 Televisions

The DISH Player-DVR 625 has two tuners to allow connection of two TVs. Various programs can be recorded at the same time and a third recorded show can be viewed independently. Various shows can be watched separately on two televisions.

• Record and watch programming on two TVs independently
• Easy to access and read On-Screen Caller ID with history2
• Record as long 100 hours of standard definition programming
• Features On-screen Electronic Program Guide (EPG) with easy access menu for program listings and data for as long as 9 days
• Two satellite tuners allow you to select from two viewing options

o Single Mode : Picture-In-Picture (PIP), which can be viewed in any TV
o Dual Mode : View various shows on 2 televisions

Info about the Dish Network

The Dish Network is among the first companies to offer HDTV content as one of the first to offer satellite TV in the US. Dish offers satellite television and audio service over the US and one of the divisions of EchoStar Communications Corporation. Dish was introduced in 1996 and its headquarters are in Englewood, Colorado.

Dish’s HD roots

Dish Network started with an 18-inch satellite dish when it launched its HDTV offering. The company is also using larges dishes (SuperDish and Dish 1000) to improve the reception of HD-broadcasts from three satellite locations.

SuperDish and Dish 1000 have become more crucial in the company’s operations over the past twelve months, as the company is steadily bolstering its lineup of HD shows. Dish believes that it can further improve its HD offerings for national and local US television network stations soon.

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