Thursday, August 12, 2010

The HDTV Antenna

by panji

The US Senate bill is proposing to implement a law or legislation that would allow the complete shift in TV broadcast transmission from analog to digital.

That means that after February 17, 2009, the conventional, traditional and widely used analog TV sets in the United States  will be obsolete and almost completely useless.

Analog TV sets would not be able to receive signal transmissions from digital broadcasters anymore. Thus, the lower-income TV viewers would have to be deprived of TV entertainment. That would certainly spell trouble, in big bold words.

However, the US Senate also approved a resolution that would make the federal government subsidize the average-income consumers’ use of converter boxes to enable them to watch the proposed, improved, better and new digital broadcasts from their favorite TV network still using their analog TVs.

The initiative will be timely and called for because HDTV antennas will come along with new HDTVs, and they would not be compatible with analog TVs.

The proposed legislation would definitely allow low-income analog TV users to still use their analog TVs but at the same time empower them and give them access to digital TV broadcasts.

That resolution is still pending in the US Senate. But people expect the transition to digital broadcasts to resume and take place within the allotted time frame. Thus, converter boxes will also be popular in a couple years time as digital broadcasts conquers the air waves and digital TV sets still remain expensive.


High definition television or HDTV is the fast rising and more popular TV technology that is making the market anticipating, excited and longing all at the same time.

Warm perception for HDTV depends and is attributed on its ability and feature that is far more superior compared to its earlier counterparts in the TV manufacturing industry.

On the average, marketers and sales men estimate that the price of an HDTV is about 15 to 25 times more o above the price tag for the regular and conventional TV sets currently out and released in the market.

HDTV quality

The most breath-taking feature of the HDTV is its superior screen quality. The screen of HDTV is far more better than the screen quality of the conventoal analog TV.

What more, with the excellent sound quality that comes along in the package with HDTV, it is totally awesome! Nothing can compare to it.

HDTV antenna

A downside for HDTV is its signal or HDTV antenna capacity. Because HDTV uses the complex and sophisticated digital broadcasting technology, HDTV must have its own compatible and specially designed HDTV antenna that is not compatible to receive or accept signals from analog TV broadcast transmitters.

Current broadcast technologies employed by all TV networks are still analog. It is estimated that a complete switch to digital TV transmission will be far costlier and more expensive for the whole TV industry.

In the case of the United States, which is one of the countries to switch to digital broadcasting in 2007, legislators have acknowledged the expense and costs that will go along with the switch.

Because digital TV transmissions will never be received by analog TV antenna, the analog TVs will inevitably made obsolete.

The HDTV with its superior and digital broadcast compatible HDTV antenna will be too costly for households with average and below average income. Ending TV entertainment for this demographic will also be very unfair.

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HDTV signal receivership

HDTV antenna is the external equipment or part of the HDTV that will set it apart from other and currently existing TV models and equipment.

For analysts and experts, HDTV antenna is the significant factor, or the key to the full-scale success and operation of digital HDTV broadcasts.

Get a full hold of the HDTV technology now. When you do, do not forget the HDTV eternal antenna that comes along with the HDTV unit. Experience the difference, now!

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