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Zenith Projection HDTV

Zenith Projection HDTV

High Definition TV or HDTV is a new type of television that offers far better resolution that older televisions based on the NTSC format. HDTV, a type of Digital Television (DTV) broadcast, transmits 16x9 widescreen format inastonishing detail and is considered the best type of DTV in the market today.

The types of HDTV displays are the following: direct-view, plasma, rear screen and front screen projection. Usually, an HDTV tuner must be connected to these monitors to be able to view the most detailed HDTV videos.

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Zenith electronics corporation, a pioneer in electronics technology which has invented countless industry-leading developments like the first wireless TV remote controls, the first portable and push-button radios and the first HDTV system using digital technology, now offers excellent projection HDTV units for home, business or office use.

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There are four basic types of Zenith projection HDTVs: Zenith Rear Projection HDTV, Zenith Monitor Rear Projection HDTV, Zenith LCD Projection HDTV and Inegrated HDTV.

HDTV Monitor Rear Projection

Zenith monitor rear projection HDTV usually comes in 57” display with 16x19 widescreen format. HD Grade Optics for this improves brightness and focus and reduces overall cabinet depth. With an automatic system, HD Focus, you do not need to manually adjust the picture.

Just press HD

Focus from the set-up menu on the screen, and in 10 seconds, 16 sensors will automatically adjust the picture from center to edge.

With this Zenith projection HDTV, advanced digital display is used to eliminate most artifacts that usually appear as pixilated scenes onscreen because of the upconversion of analog signals to simulate an HD picture.

A very fine 0.52mm dot screen pitch also improves picture detail. CRTs boosts brightness and picture detail. There is also a built-in High Contrast Protective Shield.

Most movies are made using film. Film functions at 24fps (frames per second) while video operates at 30fps. 3:2 Pulldown Cinema Correction, a feature of Zenith Monitor Rear Projection HDTV syncs films to video for clear theater-like videos at home.

The 2-Tuner Picture-in-Picture, Picture-Outside-Picture and Split window functions of the Zenith Monitor Rear Projection HDTVs also allows the viewer to watch two shows simultaneously.

Built-in rear carrying handles makes it easy to lug from room to room.

HDTV Rear Projection

This has the same specifications with the HDTV monitor projection. One feature is added: Zenith Rear Projection HDTV comes with a fully integrated ATSC tuner which has the ability to receive off-air HD broadcasts without the need for an external set-top box. A digital cable tuner receives unscrambled digital cable signals.

LCD Projection TV - PC and HDTV Monitor

Made usually as 44” screens, this Zenith Liquid Crystal Display Rear Projection HDTV boasts of an incredibly efficient technology. Due to replaceable light sources, it is both lightweight and crystal clear. This unit allows for inputs for advanced components.

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This means that simultaneous PC interactivity is possible while watching your favorite TV shows. Zenith LCD Projection HDTV have 1280 x 720p resolution. It also has the 2-Tuner PIP/POP/Split Screen and 3:2 Pull Down functions. It permits DVI with HDCP Input and PC Input.

DLP Integrated HDTV

DLP™ Integrated HDTV comes in 52” widescreen monitors. DLP™ HDTV’s deliver brilliant picture and razor sharp images. The 1500:1 High Contrast Ratio and 1280 x 720 resolution can bring out subtle differences in color and it can provide rich detail imagery. It gives our amazingly bright pictures even in strongly illumined places.

This Zenith DLP Integrated Projection HDTV has Hi-Res Component, S-Video, A/V and HDMI inputs which make way for DVD players, VCRs, computers and video game systems to be connected to the HDTV monitor.

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