Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nokia 810 Car Phone

Product info:

The Nokia 810 car phone is designed for the car environment. Emphasizing ease of use, this car phone employs a specially developed interface and advanced technology.

The Nokia 810 car phone's handset introduces a highly developed interface centered on function keys and the Navi™ wheel. Press to activate and answer; spin to control the volume. Voice dialing and other voice commands minimize the time you spend touching the handset


- Car phone for UK networks (GSM 900/1800)
- The dash-mountable display is designed to be easy to read from the drivers' seat.
- Call information and text messages appear on the screen

- Innovative handset with function keys and a Navi™ wheel
- Ringing tone and speaker volume adjustment with Navi™ wheel
- Voice dialing, voice commands, voice recording and replay of voice memos
- Switch between normal, silent, and standby modes

- Call initiation:
  • Voice dialing with name tags
  • from phonebook
  • from call registers
  • from favorites list
  • number dialing
  • speed dialing 
- Call Features:
  • Accept/reject an incoming call
  • Voice call back to SMS sender
  • Closed User Group
  • Fixed Dialing Number 
- Messaging:
  • Read SMS
  • Send predefined SMS templates 
- Language support for 28 different languages
- For calls requiring privacy, you can switch to a compatible wireless headset at the touch of a button

- Wirelessly download contacts to the Nokia 810 car phone from the following mobile phones:

- Compatible with the following bluetooth headsets: Nokia HS-4W, Nokia HS-3W, Nokia HDW-2
- Bluetooth profile support: Object Push, Dial-up Networking, Fax, Serial Port, Headset, Handsfree
- Modem and fax function via RS232 and Bluetooth interface
- Support for two user profiles, including contacts, voice tags, and personal settings
- Internal SIM card reader

- No need to buy a new car kit when you change your phone
- GSM data transfer: HSCSD up to 43.2 kbps, GPRS up to 40.2 kbps
- AT command set
- Ignition sense - the Nokia 810 car phone starts as soon as your start your car

- Handsfree with excellent audio quality
- The Nokia 810 car phone fits in most vehicles
- Option to use existing car radio loudspeakers for the car phone's audio path
- Option to use compatible existing car loudspeakers
- Support for car radio mute


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