Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sony Ericsson Car Holder

Mounts that stick to the windscreen can distract the driver and block the view of the road at vital moments, and air vent holders not only block the vent itself but are also not very stable and can flop around all over the place.

A new solution to the problem has been posed in the form of the Dash Genie, which is the world's first suction-based dashboard holder.

The Genie is designed to cling tightly to your dashboard without the need for adhesive and won't leave behind any sticky marks.

The Dash Genie can be attached to the dashboard with the use of a simple suction cup which should then keep your phone tightly in place, whether you're hurtling over speed-bumps or swinging around corners.

You can display your phone in either portraint or landscape, and tilt the holder itself, so that you ensure the best position to read your Sat Nav from it.

Sony Ericsson Features:

- easy to install and use, it keeps your phone secure and in reach while driving
- can be used on its own, with bluetooth car kit HCB-30
- allows connection of accessories
- keeps the phone firmly attached and close at hand
- the HCH-40 is a passive holder for in-car use
- mounted on the dash of your vehicle Car Holder
- HCQ-30 car kit or in combination with a portable handsfree and car charger

Sony Ericsson HCQ-30 car kit

Sony Ericsson HCQ-30 - Hands-free kit

Sony-Ericsson T68i plug & go car kit

Rapid Car / Auto Charger for the Sony Ericsson T68i - uses Gomadic TipExchange Technology

Sony Ericsson HCH-30 Car Holder

Sony Ericsson Universal Car Holder HCH-30

Sony Ericsson HCH-37 Car Holder

Sony Ericsson HCH-37 Car Holder

Sony Ericsson HCH-38 Car Holder 

Sony Ericsson HCH-61 Car Holder

Sony Ericsson Car Holder for W800,W810i

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